Lutz Gallmeister is a Berlin-based sound artist, musician and producer. He creates sound installations, and compositions for theatre, dance performances and film. His works focus on socially relevant and socially critical issues.

He studied sound art at the “SP – Escola de Teatro” (2013-2015) in São Paulo, where he lived from 2010 to 2017 and composed sound collages and music for various independent theatre groups.

From 2015 – 2018 Lutz Gallmeister worked for the Brazilian group Teatro da Vertigem as sound mixer and sound engineer. As part of various residency programmes at Teatro da Vertigem, Lutz Gallmeister composed sound collages and music for theatre pieces and conceived and realised the audiovisual installation “Muros” (Walls – São Paulo, 2017).

From 2016 onwards, he created sound collages for plays and performances, which were performed at the ITS Festival Amsterdam: Odyssey (Homer – Director: Maike Bouschen – 2016) at the Landes- theatre Coburg (Jihad Baby! /Youth Without God – 2017/2019 (director: Maike Bouschen)), Landestheater Schwaben Memmingen (Pictures of Your Great Love – 2020/2021 (director: Maike Bouschen)) and at Kino Babylon Berlin (The Lost Father – 2019/2020 (director: Thomas Martius)), as well as the music for dance performances presented in Panama at the Prisma Festival, (t. ejer – choreography: Carolina Figueiredo – 2020/2021) and the online gallery Grid (casa.corpo//t.ecendo – 2021).

In addition to composing the sound collages and music for the play “Orson Welles rehearses Moby Dick” (director: Maike Bouschen), which had its German premiere at the Erzgebirgisches Theater on 27 November 2021, Lutz Gallmeister conceived and realised the performative installation “[a] an exploration of human rights in transboundary languages” in 2021. Together with an international team, [a] celebrated its premiere on 3 December 2021 at the Kronenboden project spaces in Berlin, followed by a guest performance in April 2022 at the “Memorial da Resistência (Resistance Museum)” in São Paulo, Brazil. Further guest performances are planned.

On 15.01.2023, in a renewed collaboration with Maike Bouschen, the play “zwei herren von real madrid” premiered at Theater Oberhausen.

In July 2023, he exhibited his multi-channel installation “Im Tanz des Meeres” (In the Dance of the Sea) at Soundgalerie Errant Sound Berlin as part of a joint exhibition. In collaboration with the writer Madhvi Ramani, he performed the meditative sound and text journey “Water Stories” at the sound festival Floating Transmissions in Hamburg (September 2023) and at ACUD Berlin (July 2023).