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Lutz Gallmeister is a sound artist, musician and composer living in Berlin. He designs and realises sound installations and composes sound pieces for theatre, performances, dance and film. His works focus on socially relevant and critical questions.


The Night of Wishes
by Michael Ende

Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische WUNSCHPUNSCH

Premiere: 18.11. 2023 Oberhausen Theatre

Trailer: Video

Info: The Night of Wishes

Director: Ingrid Gündisch
Stage & Costumes: Franziska Isensee
Music: Lutz Gallmeister
Dramaturgy: Jascha Fendel
Theatre pedagogy: Anke Weingarte

Anke Fonferek,
David Lau,
Philipp Quest,
Simin Soraya,
Klaus Zwick


Nadja Bruder,
Regina Leenders,
Maria Lehberg,
Daniel Rothaug,
Jens Schnarre

Photo by Jochen Quast (c)

Press commentary: ‘At the Großes Haus in Oberhausen, Michael Ende’s witchy villains are
are hilariously funny and the two animal heroes are cuddly
This ensemble at the Oberhausen theatre must even be
of an ingenious punch (without the other evil prefixes)
themselves: So lively, sparkling with ideas and animalistic joy of playing
Ingrid Gündisch’s production based on Michael Ende’s ‘The
Satanarchaeolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch’. The sold-out
thunderous applause in the sold-out theatre – as if Puss and Raven had
had actually just saved the world[…]’

Ralph Wilms, WAZ

two gentlemen from real madrid
by Leo Meier

Photo: Axel J. Scherer (c)

World Premiere: 15 January 2023 at Theater Oberhausen, Germany
Trailer: Video
Info: two gentelman from real madrid

zwei herren von real madrid

Director: Maike Bouschen

Stage & Costumes: Franziska Isensee

Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Dramaturgy: Jascha Fendel

with: Tim Weckenbrock, Khalil Aassy, Samia Dauenhauer, Franziska Roth, Elias Baumann

Press commentary: The World Cup is over, but the best match has only just kicked off. In Leo Meier’s successful grass sports romance, the storm asks the midfield: “May I kiss you?” Coach and pastor also play fair play, and world premiere director Maike Bouschen finds the appropriate images. […] They are classily complemented with very lively, funny light and sound effects that pop and squeak, in the sound of a 1960s TV quiz show. This goes well with the candy-coloured costumes (with “men’s” logo, like the whole design in general) and thus comments whimsically on the often burlesque action. […]

Karin Yeşilada,

Stage adaptation by Robert Koall

Director: Maike Bouschen
Set design: Franziska Isensee
Music: Lutz Gallmeister
Dramaturgy: Claudia Hoyer
Acting: Franziska Roth

by Wolfgang Herrndorf

Premiere: 24 October 2020

Online stream in Lockdown 2021
Reinstatement in the playbill 21/22

Jugend ohne Gott - Ödön von Horváth  (in einer Spielfassung von Kristo Šagor)

Director: Maike Bouschen
Set design: Valentina Pino Reyes
Sound design: Lutz Gallmeister
Dramaturgy: Carola von Gradulewski

Acting: Benjamin Hübner, Lean Fargel, Frederik Leberle, Konstantin Rommelfangen, Eva Marianne Berger

Youth without God


Landestheater Coburg
12/2019 – 03/2020

2020: Invitation to the Bavarian Theatre Days in the section KLASSIKER FÜR HEUTE with “Jugend ohne Gott” (cancelled due to pandemic)

Press comment:
“[…] soundscapes and offstage texts (sound design: Lutz Gallmeister) conjure up a ghostly atmosphere in which the epic-surreal production thrives with suspense.”

Neue Presse Coburg / Dieter Ungelenk / 09.12. 2019

he inner conformity and moral cowardice corresponds to the ritualised theatre of movement with which the director exaggerates many scenes, condenses them (with the choreographic participation of Lean Fargel). The almost dance-like impetus exposes the mental attitudes in the physical postures. Aesthetically and intellectually reflective, this is extremely gripping, and is further atmospherically driven by oppressive sound (sound design by Lutz Gallmeister).

Coburger Tageblatt / Dr. Carolin Herrmann / 09.12.2019

Muros (Walls)

Concept, Idea and Sounddesign: Lutz Gallmeister

Teatro da Vertigem (Residency) – São Paulo – Brazil

No Caminho Do Rei

Reading ‘No Caminho Do Rei’ (On the King’s Path) by Elfriede Jelinek
Translation: Alice do Vale
Actresses: Caroline Duarte, Noemi Marinho e Lucienne Guedes
Music: Lutz Gallmeister
Director: Lucienne Guedes
Produção: Contorno Produções
Illustration: Sónia Borges Ver menos

Goethe Institute São Paulo 2020

Orson Welles probt Mobby Dick

Direction: Maike Bouschen
Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Winterstein Theater Annaberg

December 11/2021 – 05/2022



Direction: Gabriela Mellão
Sound Design: Lutz Gallmeister

Sergio Cardoso Theatre – São Paulo – Brazil
05/2018 – 07/2018


Play based on: Daniel Ratthei
Director: Maike Bouschen
Sound Design: Lutz Gallmeister

Landestheater Coburg
02/2017 – 10/2017

Depois do Nada (After the Nothing)

Play based on: Gabriela Mellão
Direction: Gabriela Mellão

Sound Design: Lutz Gallmeister

Virada Cultural Paulista: Lorena, Caraguatatuba, Ilhabela, Pindamonhangaba, Guaratinguetá 10/2016 – 11/2016

Estudos Sobre o Masculino: Primeiro Movimento

Studies on the masculine: First movement

Direction: Antonio Duran
Sound Design/Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Residency at: Teatro da Vertigem
07/2016 – 08/2016

Os Fins do Sono

The ends of sleep

Direction: Francisco Turbiani
Sound Design/Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Residenz bei: Teatro da Vertigem 09/2016

Szenen aus „Das Leben auf der Praça Roosevelt“

Play based on: Dea Loher
Direction: Maike Bouschen
Sound Design: Lutz Gallmeister

Theaterakademie August Everding München

As Relações Naturais

The natural relationships

Play based on: Qorpo Santo
Direction: Paula Klein
Sound Design: Lutz Gallmeister

São Paulo – Brazil
01/2014 – 11/2014


Teaser: THE_FOG


Filmdirector: Dina Veryutina
cinematographer: Maxim Volkov
composer: Lutz Gallmeister
production designer: Katerina Andreeva
costume designer: Irina Kudrina

Igor Ustinovich
Katerina Shikhova

He and she are waiting for the fog.
To wrap on fog like in a blanket and let everything fade away!
But both believe that when the fog comes down, everything will change!

(Russia) 18’45 – 2022


Tempos de Cão (Dog days)

Direction: Ronaldo Dimer and Victor Amaro

Sound/Music: Lutz Gallmeister

São Paulo – 2017

The lost father

Direction: Thomas Martius
Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Babylon Kino, Berlin – 2019

casa.corpo // t.ecendo

Por: youyouyou
Formado por:
Carolina Figueiredo
Fernanda Aloi
Lutz Gallmeister

Ausência - Abwesenheit

Regie: Isadora Kohatsu & Lutz Gallmeister
Video: Isadora Kohatsu
Sound & lyrics: Lutz Gallmeister

Berlin 2020

Was bleibt, ist ein Gegenstand, der eine Geschichte erzählt.


[a] An exploration of human rights in transboundary languages

The project [a] critically examines the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). In a dialogue that transcends languages, countries, and artistic disciplines, the international team examines both the unifying aspects of human rights and the problems they pose.

The project [a] takes the Human Rights Day as an opportunity for its artistic and multi-perspective reconsideration.
Artists from different countries – from both the global south and the global north – create a cross-border dialogue with the artistic media of sound, video, and dance. The sound and video installation uses the UDHR as its text and language material.

The 30 articles of the Declaration were recorded in 30 different languages and served as the sole source material for short compositions by various sound artists. Small teams of dancers and video artists developed video commentaries on the individual articles of the UDHR. These diverse components flow together in the sound and video installation connected by live performances.
More info:


Artistic direction: Lutz Gallmeister

Choreography (in Berlin): Ricardo de Paula

Performers (in Berlin)
Evgenia Chetvertkova/ Felix Dompreh/ Kalil Joigny/ Riko Sugama

Performers / Choreography (in São Paulo – Brazil)
Nyek Freitas/ Potira Marinho/ Reinaldo Soares/ Thairlla Sousa


Project Space Kroneboden – Berlin

05.03. – 04.04.2022
at the Museum of Resistance Memorial da Resistência – São Paulo; Brazil

"Say it my sister, say it!"

Sag es lauter Schwester! (Say it louder sister!) – Sound Installation
16 March 2023 Cinematheque of the Belvedere 21 Museum in Vienna, Austria.

Sound installation with voice recordings in Sorani and Persian of Articles 2, 3 and 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Speaker – Sorani: Shirin Ghoraishiazar
Speaker – Persian: Mahsa Asgari

Sound artist: Lutz Gallmeister

Sound installation in the context of a film screening on the history of women’s protests in Iran. This event took place as part of the Queer Feminist Action Week on 16 March 2023 at the Cinematheque of the Belvedere 21 Museum in Vienna.



CREATOR AND PERFORMER: Carolina Figueiredo
SOUND ARTIST: Lutz Gallmeister


Teatro Nacional de Panamá – July 2021

Festival La Machine – Costa Rica – March 2023

A conversation between video art, dance, music and architecture
t hat questions the current idea of progress.
t.ejer is a verb in lowercase, like a subtle look at our living spaces,
made of concrete and at the same time in constant deconstruction -
both external and internal – that offers a look at the constant
construction of ruins, through a dialogue with the female body.

eine multimediale Performance

Artistic direction: Eszter Parragi

Concept/Performance: Eszter Parragi, Dahlia Nyx, Katarzyna Wieczerzak

Electronic music: Lutz Gallmeister

Live camera: Bernd Kumar

With the kind support of:
ACUD Theatre Berlin, Theaterhaus Berlin, TEP39 Prague

Berlin 2022

A dance-performance: "Selva - in the state of nature"

Direction/ Concept: Fernanda Aloi

Performer/ Dancer: Carolina Figueiredo

Sound/Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Berlin – 08/2019

you you you

Direction/ Concept: Fernanda Aloi

Performer/ Dancer: Carolina Figueiredo

Sound/Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Berlin – 08/2019


This video was recorded at the Berlin Brandenburg Airport – after almost 15 years of planning, construction began in 2006. Originally planned to open in October 2011, the airport has experienced a series of delays and cost overruns. This was due to poor planning of construction, execution, administration and corruption. The space is currently intact and abandoned. Performance by: Carolina Figueiredo, Video by: Fernanda Aloi, Music by: Lutz Gallmeister

Dance-performance: "GENTRy"

Performer/ Dancer: Carolina Figueiredo
Sound/Music: Lutz Gallmeister

Video: Fernanda Aloi
Berlin – 08/2019

Light Department

Direction: Andreina Vieira and Mahsa Asgari
Sounddesign: Lutz Gallmeister

Group Global 3000 – Berlin